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Pontiac-Oakland Club International

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Alfred Flores : President
Pontiac(s)1968 Firebird, 1969 GTO, 1971 Firebird Formula, 1994 Firehawk
Member Bio
My name is Alfred Flores Jr. and I have served as President of this Pontiac Club for the last 4 years. It is both an honor and privilege to have been chosen to lead such a great group of Pontiac enthusiasts that feel as dedicated to the Pontiac brand as I do. My years as president have been a tremendous learning experience and one that has helped me to broaden my personality and develop my leadership skills.

I have been into Pontiacs for almost 25 years now and people who know me can attest that I am a certified Pontiac fanatic. I learned everything there is to know about Pontiacs by reading books, magazines, and technical articles. Being a member of this club has also taught me that there are others that know as much if not more than I do and their experience has helped in my knowledge of Pontiacs.

I have been fortunate to have married a very loving and supportive wife that allows me to indulge my passion for cars; Pontiacs in particular. I have two young sons, Alexander and Andrew that I hope will one day follow in my hobby and love of classic automobiles. I credit my mom & dad with planting the Pontiac seed as it were. My father purchased the Pontiac that, with his help, I restored and drive today.

Restoring my Pontiac has taught me a lot of valuable lessons about working on cars and I only wish I would have learned about the club sooner. I heard about this club in of all places the Pontiac Southern Nationals which was being held in Dallas, Texas. My wife and I were attending the car show for the first time and while preparing to display our new 1994 Pontiac Firehawk, I met Jay Lord who was president of this club at the time. I also came to meet another good friend at this event, Raul Pena who also lives in San Antonio. It is ironic that I traveled all that way to enjoy this Pontiac event and made friends from right here in San Antonio. I guess it takes an all Pontiac event to bring enthusiasts together-no matter where it is.

My father passed down my ’69 GTO to me at the age of 13 and was given driving lessons in this very car! This car was purchased from the original Superior Pontiac dealership that at the time was located on Broadway Street in down town San Antonio. The story goes that my father wanted to give my mother a gift for having their first son (me) to the family. Being newly married, my dad set fourth to purchase a shiny new ’69 Lemans that he had his eye on. After talking with the salesman and finding out what features my dad wanted in the new car, (and that my dad had a hefty $500 down payment in his pocket) he was persuaded that a custom factory order was needed to make sure my dad got exactly what he wanted.

My Pontiac was ordered with the black vinyl top, veduro green paint, bucket seats with a console shifted , three speed manual transmission, deluxe hub caps, no power options and oh yeah, my father was talked into the GTO option. I’m glad my father was persuaded in that direction. As you can tell, my GTO was originally sort of a “sleeper” model with muscle under the hood but without all the flashy bells and whistles on the outside.

I started restoring my GTO in 1990 and took six long years to complete. It was very fortunate that my GTO was very well cared for, however, the countless carwashes that I would give it while growing up did more damage than good. Rust had developed behind the rear glass that required serious attention when the time came to restore it. After an unsuccessful attempt to repair this area, it was soon realized this was best left to professionals.

I did most of the work on this car myself (along with the help of my dad). I had the bodywork (panel replacement) and paint done by a local shop as well as replacing the original vinyl top. I compiled a good assortment of Pontiac engine parts and accessories and settled on a nice street combination that I am happy with. I am proud of the fact that my GTO still wears the original door panels, dash board, and back seat upholstery.

After spending almost one long year at the body shop, I was left with the task of reassembling my car. The year long paint job left me with plenty of time to take inventory of badly needed parts. At the time, there not many reproduction parts available for my GTO so this left scouring junk/salvage yards, swap meets, and classifieds. I had purchased two other parts cars in this time to obtain the missing and damaged parts for my car. As this left me with duplicates, I sold some of the extra parts to fund my restoration.