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Jim Boring
Pontiac(s)1966 GTO
Member Bio
In Hawaii in 1967 Jim and his wife purchased their new 1966 GTO. While Jimís preference was a car with no power steering or radio, a 4 speed transmition and manual brakes his wife definitely wanted the automatic with power windows and brakes and a radio. And thatís what they came home with.

Jim was born and raised in San Antonio and was in the Navy for 21 years doing his service for our country as a submarine nuclear power plant operator/supervisor and special metals welder. He didnít go to his first duty station until after he spent two years in schooling and training. The skills and knowledge he acquired during that service has served many of the Chapter members well as Jim is always ready and able to help out with any problem these classic Pontiacs develop. The Borings came back to San Antonio to live in 1985. He joined South Central Texas Chapter around 2002.

This GTO must surely belong to a very unique and very small group of cars of any kind with these statistics: the mileage on this long time daily driver for Jim and his family is 296,000. The odometer turned 300,000 on his way back from the Co-Vention in Dayton. Not in this GTOís life has anyone other than Jim done any of the mechanical work on the car or ever changed the oil. He even painted it himself in his driveway.

One important fact in the eyes of the reporter doing this bio is that once the original bias ply tires had all the rubber burned off in only six months (Jimís words) the replacement tires he chose were Pirelli Radials. And it has run on radials ever since without any suspension or wheel failure or any other problem related to the radial tires.

Jim was the Chapterís Member of the Year in 2008. An honor well deserved as he has been cheerfully willing and able to help out anyone with whatever type of problem has come up with their Pontiacs. And he participates in Chapter functions of every kind.