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Mark Jackley
Pontiac(s)1967 GTO
Member Bio
I have always had a passion for 'bad to the bone' Pontiac's. Attended High School here in San Antonio at Roosevelt. Drove several 'Hoopties' through high school until I could afford to buy my own Pontiac. In 1972, bought a 67 Le Mans with a 326. I thought it was pretty bad until one of my best friends bought his 72 GTO. That only incited me to pursue my dream, a really quick GOAT of my own. Got married in 1976 to a really great Gal, Susan Stewart of Windcrest, who also graduated from Roosevelt in 74. As most of us experienced, times were lean when we first get married so a new GTO was not in the offering. I have always loved to attend car shows and admire the fine machines others were fortunate to acquire. I frequently ran across a beautiful aqua blue 67 GTO then owned by club member Raymond Clay. This was the same body style my Le Mans use to have but Raymond's car had the coveted 400 in it. I constantly picked his mind on GOATS and what was available on the local market. Raymond put me on to a 'work in progress' 67 GTO in nearby Bulverde Texas. Once I saw her, I knew I needed her! Although the hood and front fender was missing, I was able to drive her home. Half disassembled and looking really rough, I will never forget how people gave me the thumbs up and waved to me on the way home.

Four years later, my labor of love is now complete. Although not a true frame off restoration, I wasn't that far off. My mechanical abilities are certainly lacking but with the assistance of a good friend and co-worker Bob Frame, we were able to get her done. On the other side, body work and paint has always caught my interests. I had previously painted several of my own vehicles but had never completed any significant body repairs. This project necessitated a lower quarter panel replacement as well as a package tray replacement thus I knew I had my work cut out for me. As in anything you do, you can always be proud of your achievements if you give it your best! Although a garage paint job usually brings on some complications, a finished product you can be proud of is can be a reality. Although my 400 cubic inch 335 horse power runs pretty strong, we managed to make a few enhancements to it which makes it get up and go. The project is now complete and driving it to local car shows is a real thrill. This is no trailer queen. You can't enjoy it if your not driving it and that's what I intend to do. I have entered this car in 6 different shows since being completed, winning an award in every case. My long time goal of getting a GTO I can be proud of has finally been met. Even better, my wife Susan seems to enjoy attending club activities as much as I do.

The white over blue 67 Le Mans was my first Pontiac. 35 years later, my white over linden green 67 GTO is a dream come true!